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Benjamin Leroux Meursault Les Vireuils 2011


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Benjamin's wines hit you not with brutality but with force. The fascination with Burgundy is a fascination with minute differences, minute detail. From a seemingly uniform bunch of light-bodied wines, a ruby colored milky way, the Burgundy aficionado gradually sees an increasing number of detailed planets, then the planet's satellites, then the geography of each of the planets. There was a seamless transition between Pascal and Benjamin, barely noticeable. Yet, the wines are so unquestionably personal. They once were brilliant, strong and wild, they are now brilliant, forceful and relaxed. I have no doubt that it is both winemakers' dedication to biodynamics coupled with out of the ordinary talent that has allowed such detail to shine.
Category White Wine
Country France
Region Burgundy
Appellation Cote de Beaune
Brand Benjamin Leroux