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Podere Il Palazzino Rosso del Palazzino 2012


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As of 2008, a group of estates (including Podere Il Palazzino) working according to the guidelines of organic agriculture was established in the Monti in Chianti area. Only copper- and sulfur-based products are utilized. Herbicides have never been used at the estate, the soil is tilled between the rows of vines. In the whole area of Monti in Chianti an experimental project is being carried out for the control of the fruit-grape moth Eupoecilia Ambiguella through "male confusion" (where strips emanating insect sex attractants - pheromones - mask the female insect's own attractant so that the sexes fail to mate). SO2 is used very sparingly in the wines.
Category Red Wine
Country Italy
Region Tuscany
Brand Podere Il Palazzino