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Spud Ginger Lemongrass Vodka


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Way back in 18th century Poland and Russia, most grains were dirt cheap. In fact, wheat, rye, barley, and oats were a mere fraction of what they cost in other parts of the world. Harsh grain vodka became the spirit of choice in those regions. That is, until an alchemist named Johann Becher came along and invented a method of producing vodka from potatoes. That invention changed the industry from the ground up. Why? Because potato vodka had a clean taste and a smoothness that was unheard of in vodkas made from grain. Today, Spud vodka follows in that great tradition. Spud is made in Poland entirely from potatoes. It's distilled 5 times for an unprecedented smoothness, And it has subtle, yet distinctive, vanilla notes. So it should come as no surprise that, in blind taste tests Spud Super-Premium Potato Vodka out-performed the Ultra-Premium brands... and is 100% Gluten Free.
Category Vodka
Country Poland
Brand Spud
Alcohol/vol 40%