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Rihaku Dance of Discovery Junmai Sake 300ml

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Textured and layered, smoky and sweet, with a cleansing acidity at the end. Simply constructed rice notes with malt-like flavor, and dry on the finish thanks to the prominent acidity. Great to pair with yakitori or other grilled chicken, sweet potato gnocchi, or pork loin with apricot. Brewed with a newly developed rice called Kan no Mai that withstands cold climates and is full of smoky, saline rice flavors. The rice name is a word made of the Japanese characters "Kan," translated to "God," and "Mai," meaning dance or stage. The specific milling rate of 68% employed in this sake results in a one-of-a-kind flavor profile.
Category Junmai
Country Japan
Brand Rihaku
Alcohol/vol 14.8%