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Molinari Sambuca al Caffè

Molinari Sambuca al Caffè

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Sambuca Molinari al Caffè is completely different from the classic Sambuca Extra: the addition of a blend of various types of coffee and other ingredients which can also be considered as giving that added touch, a family secret which makes this product unique, with a personality all of its own, totally diverse from Sambuca Extra and any other coffee liqueur.
Category Sambuca
Country Italy
Brand Molinari
Alcohol/vol 40%
  • we88

Wine EnthusiastA blend of Sambuca and coffee yields a rich, full-flavored anisette spirit with just a faint whiff of coffee on the finish. Billing this as a coffee liqueur does it a disservice, although it would be awfully nice mixed with coffee as an after-dinner quaff.

Kara Newman, October 1, 2011