Enrico Toro Centerba Digestive 750ml - Stirling Fine Wines
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Enrico Toro Centerba Digestive 750ml
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Enrico Toro Centerba Digestive


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Category Spirits
Region Italy
Brand Enrico Toro
Alcohol/vol 70%
Translation of Centerba is '100 herbs'. Wonderfully dry, spicy and strong, Centerba 72 has become the archetypal digestive of the Abruzzo herbal spirit tradition, and is appreciated all over the world. The centuries-old recipe for Centerba remains a closely guarded secret to this day. It is distilled from various plants indigenous to the Apennines region of Abruzzo, and its vibrant green color is derived from completely natural ingredients. Centerba Toro is the pride of the Abruzzo tradition. The most powerful of Italian liquors, it embodies the preference of the Abruzzo palate, 'the spicier the better'. Centerba is earthy and wonderfully herbal with a bite. The history of this inimitable spirit dates back to Benedictine Friars who built the San Clemente a Casauria Abbey in 1100, not far from the current Toro factory. The herbs for this digestive are well known for their restorative and healing properties, and Centerba was originally made by herbalists as a digestive. It was used, in fact, for its curative properties during the cholera epidemic in 1884. The aromatic herbs are handpicked from the Maiella and Morrone mountains, and only the best leaves are used. Their long steep in premium alcohol and the long, natural infusion in special containers, together with the meticulous observance of the ancient recipe, protect the goodness and the quality of this unique and potent spirit. Pours fluorescent lime green and offers attractive, semi-sweet aromas that are primarily herbal, including thyme, oregano, spearmint, pinesap and fresh licorice strap. Starts out soft and light in the mouth, then the massive alcohol asserts itself making for a prickly and slightly hot experience that's also intensely drying. Peppermint and licorice combine with a tingling spiciness in a momentary flash of flavor that immediately evaporates into the aftertaste that is long, dry and spicy. Peppermint and pine needle fade. The addition of a small amount of water turns this more Pastis like. Great versatility: excellent after a meal, a great base for long-drinks and cocktails. Try Centerba with ice cream or in a fruit salad. It is perfect for use in high pastry and fine cuisine recipes. Traditionally enjoyed neat right after a meal, as a 'digestive' to settle the stomach and to linger a little longer at the table. Lovely in coffee and with espresso. Elevate a basic Risotto recipe by adding 1/3 cup Centerba to the final cup of stock. Buon Appetito!