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Stateside Urbancraft Vodka


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A custom-designed vodka production facility in a once forgotten pocket of Philadelphia? Yes. A product that screams, "We made this with our own hands?" Absolutely. Philadelphia is a town with a rich and rambunctious past. It is a city that created it's own destiny. Stateside Urbancraft Vodka is an ode to our proud and colorful history. It is a tribute to those who have made this city great for generations. It is a promise to our customers that we will never forget what being from the neighborhood means. Finally, it is a declaration of our passion as distillers- Never stop inventing. Never stop improving.
Category Vodka
Country United States
Region Pennsylvania
Brand Stateside
  • we88

Wine EnthusiastThis 100% corn-based vodka has a neutral scent and soft, silky palate. The flavor suggests cucumber and almond, finishing dry, with a bit of alcohol heat.

Kara Newman, April 1, 2017