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Taconic Distillery Double Barrel Bourbon Whiskey with Maple Syrup


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Did you know that our Double Barrel Maple Bourbon Whiskey is the product of a relationship with Catskill Mountain Sugarhouse? Two Hudson Valley Classics - Bourbon and Maple Syrup. We empty our Bourbon barrels then send them to Catskill Mountain Sugarhouse who fills them with their delicious maple syrup. After a few months of aging, we bottle the barrel aged maple syrup. We immediately refill those same barrels with our bourbon. This sweet and floral whiskey spends another few months in the barrels to become our annual release of Double Barrel Bourbon Whiskey with Maple Syrup. On its own (Copper's preference) or in a cocktail, the combination is a smooth spirit with a warm, lasting finish that will put a smile on your face. Nice work, New Yorkers!
Category Bourbon
Country United States
Region New York
Brand Taconic Distillery
Alcohol/vol 45%