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Re:Find Distillery Rye Whiskey Batch #7
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Re:Find Distillery Rye Whiskey Batch #7



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Category Rye
Region California, Central Coast, Paso Robles
Brand Re:Find Distillery
Proof 93.00
We worked with Central Coast brewers, BarrelHouse Brewery and SLO Brew, to receive the wash/wort from a custom recipe of rye, wheat, and barley. We then fermented, distilled, and aged our creation in 15 gallon whiskey barrels. We use smaller cooperage in order to accelerate the aging time and in order to achieve our flavor profile because the surface to volume ratio is much higher. Many "craft whiskeys" are actually distilled in the mid-west by large, bulk distilling houses, shipped across the country, and then bottled or aged at the "craft distillery". RE:FIND takes pride in the fact that we procure our grain bill from Central Coast breweries and are 100% responsible for crafting the whiskey. Now, that's craft!