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André Brut Rosé 375ml Can

André Brut Rosé 375ml Can

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375ml Can

This is no basic bubbly. André Brut Rosé pops with deliciously complex fruit and boasting a crisp, refreshing finale. Expect bright citrus layered with tastes of raspberry and strawberry plus hints of pear and apple. All this capped with a crisp and acidic finish that goes great with just about everything. It's perfect for a summer sipper, a brunch companion, or if you're hosting a party, a frosé cocktail. Whether you break out Andre Brut Rosé with your treasured breakfast burrito or enjoy André frosé poolside with your squad, we promise to never disappoint. No matter where you take Brut Rosé, get ready to pour with pride. Just twist and pop for that instant party vibe.
Category Rosé Wine
Region California
Brand André