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Ron Centenario Gran Reserva 25 year old
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Ron Centenario Gran Reserva 25 year old


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Category Rum
Region Costa Rica
Brand Ron Centenario
Alcohol/vol 40%
It contains selected rums from our Great Reservoir (Gran Reserva). Ron Centenario 25 years old is handcrafted under the Solera method, obtaining, thanks to the perfect mixture of rums from 6 to 25 years, an undeniable smell of wood and a delicious fruity aroma of green apple. Amber color with mahogany flashes. Very aromatic mixture with pleasant smell of wood. Dense body with slow fall. Green fruits, apple and pear, with notes of species. Slightly sweet, very "woody" flavor. Its perfect harmony of green fruits make it very pleasant and delicate. It's a perfectly balanced and dry taste product.