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Hine Cigar Reserve XO
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Hine Cigar Reserve XO


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Category Cognac
Region France, Cognac
Brand Hine
Hine Cigar Reserve Cognac is a joint endeavor between Thomas Hine & Co. of Jarnac, France, and Hunters & Frankau of London, England (the sole UK importer of Cuban cigars). Aged an average of 15-20 years, the various Cognacs that make up Cigar Reserve show the floral characteristics of Grande and Petite Champagnes, while Fins Bois adds fruit and full-bodied roundness to match the earthy notes of tobacco. After months of aging, the blend develops flavors of hazelnut, honey and mild spices which gives Cigar Reserve added depth and complexity. On the palate, Cigar Reserve shows remarkable elegance with soft wood and vanilla. It becomes round and supple on the finish with sylvan aromas blended with licorice and tobacco leaf.