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Schladerer Schwarzwalder Kirschwasser Black Forest Cherry Brandy


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Flavour: Highly aromatic bouquet of cherries combined with delicate nuances reminiscent of almonds, powerful in the mouth with a harmonious, mild finish. Nose: Intense, aromatic bouquet of cherries, followed by a very subtle bitter almond aroma. The scent of the fruit is always in the foreground, discreetly accompanied by hints of nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves. Palate: Powerful, full-bodied, aromatic, smooth and round. Lives up to the intense aroma, while subtle flavors of dark chocolate lend added depth. A long finish with a lasting cherry taste. Pairing: For an indulgent treat, enjoy with a strong, flavorful espresso or dark chocolate.
Category Eau-de-vie
Country Germany
Brand Schladerer
Alcohol/vol 42%