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Sottimano Dolcetto d'Alba Bric del Salto 2017

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Sottimano Dolcetto d'Alba Bric del Salto 2017
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The "Bric Del Salto" Dolcetto is the result of the different soils of the "crus" in which the vines are grown. It is well balanced in all of its components, starting with its deep color, its fruity, rich and elegant nose, and a complex, lingering and fresh taste.
Category Red Wine
Region Italy, Piedmont, Dolcetto d'Alba
Brand Sottimano
  • wa89

Wine AdvocateThe 25 days of maceration that the 2017 Dolcetto d'Alba Bric del Salto undergoes would be considered long by most standards, and as a result, the aromas are very pronounced. The fruit is delicate, and the mineral notes come out very strongly here. It is almost crunchy in terms of mouthfeel. This was a hot year, but you'd never know it with this wine because it has an oddly cool-climate personality. It's very floral and delicate on the nose with notes of blossoming rose. There is a refined or, you might say, even traditional side to this wine that you don't often see in its peers. Some 14,000 bottles were made. It's one of those subdued, floral and flinty light reds that would pair perfectly with a roast chicken sprinkled with rosemary and squeezed lemon.

Monica Larner, June 28, 2019