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Bohigas Cava Brut Reserva

Bohigas Cava Brut Reserva
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Pale yellow colour. Constant and small bubble. Foam of great persistence. Very fruity aromas, especially of white fruit (acid apple and pear) on shades of peel of citrics and white flowers. In the background, some spicy notes owed to ageing (cinnamon) and cookies. It is a well-structured "cava" in the mouth. Well picked up over its acidity that tenses it overall from beginning to end. The bubble lends a creamy feeling, and it gives volume and softness to the structure that returns acidity and widens the aromas of white fruits and spices that are repeated in the mouth. Its balanced end harmonizes its acidity, and leaves a memory of freshness and volume owing to its light sugar content. Best with fish, rice, and dry fruits. Similarly, it is the ideal "cava" to accompany a whole meal with a single wine.
Category Sparkling Wine
Country Spain
Region Cava
Brand Bohigas