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Château-Moulin-de-Lagnet Saint Emilion 2012

Château-Moulin-de-Lagnet Saint Emilion 2012

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Located in the commune of St. Christophe des Bardes, in the AOC St-Emilion Grand Cru, Chateau Moulin de Lagnet is an eight hectare Chateau that was purchased outright in 1984, from family members by Anne-Lise Goujon and her husband Pierre Chatenet, so that they might avoid the French inheritance laws that threatened to divide and destroy this fourth generation property. Practicing organic viticulture since 2001, Chateau Moulin de Lagnet was certified by Ecocert in 2004. The vineyards surround their house and a 16th century chai, which was once a win d-driven flour mill belonging to the Medieval Baron de Lagnet. The vines here are planted on the highly lauded terroir of the plateau, with clay-rich calcareous soil on hard limestone bedrock, above the village where all the Grand Cru Classe are located. Yields at this Chateau are kept short of the allowable levels, resulting in a natural concentration of the wines. Because canopy management is key in this precocious climate, Pierre is a meticulous gardener, who hand-prunes the vines, tending to them every day of the growing season.
Category Red Wine
Region France, Bordeaux, St. Emilion
Brand Château-Moulin-de-Lagnet