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Boundary Breaks No. 239 Riesling 2017


SKU 26146


For this dry Riesling, we aim to produce a wine that has distinct, bright acidity yet also delivers ripe, luscious fruit on the mid-palate and finish. Dry Rieslings, for some people, are simply too austere. They lack the beautiful, often tropical Riesling flavors that arise from harvesting fully-ripe fruit in the vineyard. For our Dry Riesling #239, we seek to achieve maximum ripeness in the vineyard. This allows us to create a bright, crackling Dry Riesling that also has intense tropical fruit characteristics. Any residual sugar in the wine will tend to round the edges off Riesling's natural acidity. That "bracing" acidity makes Riesling distinctive, and we would never want to lose that characteristic in this wine. As is always the case with Riesling, the key to a magnificent wine is "balance" among the acidity, residual sugar and flavor. Riesling is one of the world's most food-friendly wines. Dry Rieslings tend to have a more angular and "structured" feel. They can pair very well with creamier foods or other dense preparations like fried chicken or fish. This Dry Riesling #239 has the body and weight to stand up to nearly any white meat, whether pork, chicken or seafood.
Category White Wine
Country United States
Region New York
Appellation Finger Lakes
Brand Boundary Breaks
Alcohol/vol 12.3%