Penelope Bourbon Bourbon Batch No. 2 750ml - Stirling Fine Wines
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Penelope Bourbon Bourbon Batch No. 2 750ml
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Penelope Bourbon Bourbon Batch No. 2

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Category Bourbon
Origin United States, Kentucky
Brand Penelope Bourbon
Alcohol/vol 40%

Best Buy Rating – Wine Enthusiast

89 Point Taste Score – Wine Enthusiast

Four Grain Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Blend of 3 bourbon mash bills sourced from MGP Ingredients, Inc. comprised of four grains (Corn, Wheat, Rye, and Malted Barley)

Aged 2-3 years

Barrel Char: #4 Staves, #2 Heads

Proof : 80 

Non Chill-Filtered


Balanced corn sweetness, caramel, light oak, syrup, dynamic aroma profile with slight savory notes

Body Notes 

Fruit, syrup, candied sweetness, slight savory grain notes

Forward Notes

Sweet corn grain with syrup


Candied, sweet, syrup, slight grain, great balance, pleasant fruit after taste

Penelope’s taste profile is heavily reliant on the Wheat and Rye grains being uniquely aged separately with corn/barely grains in new charred American Oak barrels to maximize flavor. Penelope Bourbon is non-chill filtered.

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