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Island Coastal Lager Lager 12 pack Can
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Island Coastal Lager Lager

12 pack Can

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Category Lager
Origin United States, South Carolina
Brand Island Coastal Lager
Alcohol/vol 4.5%
It started in Cuba. At a bar. There was live music and a tippling of rum. But when a round of cervezas came to the table, Brandon and Scott noticed the offerings were not of a craft variety and tasted a bit funky. That really harshed their vibe. Stateside, at a bar, they were perplexed that yet again, there were no suitable light, Mexican style, craft beers on tap. Something must be done. And so, the idea for Island Coastal Lager was born. They got to work to create an easy drinking light lager with a craft recipe to ensure fresh quality and quaffable satisfaction. Why? Because any day is a good day for an Island Coastal Lager.

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